Tom Mountain Lion Hunts

Come Hunt the Wyoming High Country with Us!

Do you have a big ol’ scar faced tom Mountain Lion in your trophy room?

Here’s your chance to see if you are tough enough to take one home. As a licensed outfitter in Wyoming as well as Utah, I have access to some premier lion country. Depending upon lion populations, management area quotas and weather conditions, we can be very mobile to ensure you go home with a smile on your face. Lion tags are available over the counter at any Wyoming or Utah store that sells hunting licenses. We might stay at camp, in a motel, or at a ranch house, depending on where I am finding lions. When the snow piles up in the mountain tops, the critters that lions eat head to their winter range, and the big toms follow. We use trucks, snow machines, ATV’s, horses or our feet to get to these big brutes. After we find a tom track, the hounds will take it from there. These hunts are fairly strenuous, often in steep, rocky terrain and snow covered ground. We only hunt tom lions. Females are usually either pregnant or have kittens stashed somewhere, so we leave them alone to take care of their little ones.

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