Come Hunt the Wyoming High Country with Us!

Hunting camp is the place where friendships grow, stories are told, memories are made and relaxing, stress free environment prevails. Your stay with us will be all of these things and more. Your camp will be a clean, comfortable little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world.

Our Pack-In Camp sits four miles into the backcountry from the trailhead. After your scenic ride from the trailhead, you’ll find our quiet little camp ready to take care of you for the next week. For those who prefer to drive their pick up

right to camp, we have our Drive-to Camp. Either camp will be ready for you with the wall tents up, wood split, hay hauled, game scouted, and every small detail ready for your arrival. Your camp cook will be preparing hearty supper while you settle in for your adventure. Our crystal clear water is piped into camp from a nearby spring. In your tent you’ll find a cot, mattress, wood burning stove and

propane lantern. When the dinner bell rings, you’ll be amazed that a meal this

delicious can be had so far into the backcountry.